University of Pennsylvania

  • EPID 702: Advanced Topics in Epidemiologic Research (Spring 2022, Spring 2023)
    • Guest lecturer for Epidemiology Ph.D. students: Presented an intro and primer for Bayesian statistics. See lecture notes here
  • BSTA 7900: Causal Inference in Biomedical Research (Fall 2022)
    • Guest lecturer for Biostatistics Ph.D. students: Presented a lecture on causal inference with interference.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • SPHG 712: Public Health Methods and Measures (Fall 2021)
    • Instructor for MPH students (virtual)
  • BIOS 600: Introduction to Biostatistics, EPID 600: Introduction to Epidemiology (2020)
    • Academic Enrichment Program Tutor for the School of Public Health introductory courses
  • BIOS 600: Introduction to Biostatistics (Fall 2017)
    • Teaching Assistant

University of Florida

  • STA 2023: Introduction to Statistics (Spring 2015)
    • Teaching Assistant with weekly lab section